Deputy Director General, Department of Thailand visit GETABEC at Boilex Asia 2020

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Mr. Supakit Boonsiri, Deputy Director-General, Department of Industrial Works (middle person) visited the Getabec Public Company Limited booth at the Boilex Asia 2020 exhibition, where there was a presentation of the project “Boiler 4.0 iGTB Smart Monitoring System”, an intelligent system for alerting and displaying boiler working status for Monitoring operation, Controlling significant value, Collecting data and Planning efficient maintenance plans. The request can be used to analyze the usage and cost of steam production in order to increase the efficiency of operation and maintenance. At the GETABEC booth Mr. Prajint Kongsakorn, Executive Vice President (left) and Mr. Jeerasak Upan, Sales Manager (right) welcomed visitors at BITEC Bangna Exhibition located in Convention Center.

GETABEC is one of the famous and leading Boiler and Pressure Vessel manufacturer in Asia, founded in 1983

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