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Balance of plant (BOP)

Our production technology meets all countries’ specific standards and regulations. The system operates excellently, safely, reliably and is guaranteed to last for many years. Furthermore, GETABEC also provided Turnkey for Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC).

Pressure vessels keep the fluid inside of it at a different pressure than the surrounding medium. They are made so that the vessel will withstand the difference between the inside and outside pressure. If not appropriately made, the chance in the pressure can lead to the vessel collapsing or exploding.

GETABEC is an authorized manufacturer with long experience in pressure vessel fabrication of Pressure vessels as ASME stamped vessels or with the CE Mark of the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). The Quality Management system of GETABEC has been certified to ISO9001 by TUV NORD.

Water needs to have specific properties before it enters the boiler. The water treatment system purifies the water and keeps the chemicals in water, such as phosphates, within set limits. This will prevent the water from damaging the boiler, such as corrosion, scaling, or priming.

Corrosion - Corrosive components, especially O2 and CO2, have to be removed, usually using a deaerator. Remnants can be removed chemically by the use of an oxygen scavenger. Furthermore, feed water has to be alkalized to a pH of 9 or higher to reduce oxidation and support the forming of a stable layer of magnetite on the water-side surface of the boiler, protecting the material underneath from further corrosion. This is usually done by dosing alkalic agents into the feed water, like sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) or volatile ammonia.

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An economizer that we produce can increase the efficiency of steam boilers or reduce energy consumption. GETABEC's Economizer installed on fire tube or water tube boiler firing natural gas and all fuel grades. Also, the boiler must be equipped with modulating combustion control.

Our economizer fabrication from carbon steels and adding the heating surface area using Fin by welding with the High-Frequency Resistance Welding process (HFRW).

Typically, GETABEC's Three Pass Boiler Wet-Back will provide approximately 89% efficiency. But if customers want to increase efficiency or reduce energy consumption, Economizer is the best option

The design principle of the piping system can easily be adapted to the production system and the plant conditions required by the customer. Our engineers, designers, service engineers, and workers who have a long experience in a piping system are available for consulting throughout projects.

Fuel Gas Emission Control controls and limits the emission of harmful gases produced during the burning of fuel. It uses CEM (Cation Exchange Membrane), allowing only certain cations to pass through it and blocking other toxic ions.

Reference Projects

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