Petrochemical & Power Plant​

Petrochemical & Power Plant​​ Industry overview

The petrochemical & power plant industry is a sector where steam is being used in refinery processes and electricity generation. Energy sources used to generate electrical energy in power plants are oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear energy, renewable fuels, and kinetic energy such as wind turbines and hydropower. Some operations contain a wide range of compositions, particularly in terms of sulfur concentration. High sulfur fuels raise the risk of exacerbation of rear-end corrosion. Fuel streams can also be severely polluted with catalytic particles, interfering with the heat transfer of downstream boiler systems. Therefore precise control and accurate monitoring systems are needed.

How are boilers used in Petrochemical & Power plant​​ industry ?​​

The use of steam in Petrochemical & power plant Industry can be broken down into numerous processes such as:

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