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Online monitoring system for boiler operation

To operate efficiently, the iGTB system is used to Monitor operation, Control significant value, Collect data and Plan efficient maintenance plans. The iGTB system can be applied to steam generator systems like an old control system and a PLC control system. The Application appears real-time operation of the steam generator anytime, anywhere with other notification messages in case of emergency. Customers can use the request to analyze the usage and cost of steam production in order to increase the efficiency of operation and maintenance.

What we offer?

To expand our service channels and implement the Thai government’s policy for “Smart Boilers 4.0”, GETABEC Public Company Limited has implemented a “Boiler Smart Monitoring System”. Our customized iGTB Application (available for Android, iOS and Web Browsers on PC) enables you to monitor your boiler any place and any time continuously. The iGTB App will inform you about alerts, essential events and boiler operating data to ensure that the system is operating as intended or allow you to take timely action whenever necessary to restore optimal operation.

Your boiler will be better maintained at higher efficiency, resulting in overall energy conservation.

Frequently asked questions

With a smart control system implemented, you will get real-time information from the different sections of the whole system. It will help you to keep a check on different parameters, such as pressure in the boiler so that they don’t vary outside certain limits. You will also get notifications immediately in case of an emergency.

With the Internet’s access available almost everywhere, our iGTB Application will help you monitor your boiler and its parameters remotely anywhere. You will be able to check your boiler system for any ambiguities without having to be present at the site. And the application will provide you with necessary alerts and notifications to assist you further.

Smart control systems keep on monitory each and every aspect of the whole system. Therefore, it will automatically perform the required action if any changes are observed. For example, if there is an increased steam production than required, it will decrease the boiler’s temperature, saving fuel that can be used later on, thus increasing the system’s efficiency.

First of all, the control system will let you know if there is something wrong with any part of the boiler system, which then you can take the required action immediately. It will also keep a check on the usage of each part and assist you in using preventive maintenance planning.

Yes indeed. With all the required information, values of different parameters, various calculations, alerts, emergency notifications, and many more things that you can check without any delays, the Smart Control System will not only save you cost by improving the system’s efficiency but also save your time.

Reference Projects

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