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  • Categorized by characteristics can classified into Water tube and Fire tube boiler
  • Categorized by fuel can classified into liquid fuel, gas fuel and solid fuel boiler
  • Fire tube Boiler from 1 t/h up to 35 t/h
  • Water tube Boiler from 10 t/h up to 100 t/h
  • Waste heat recovery Boiler from 1 t/h up to 100 t/h
  • Thermal Oil Heater from 300,000 kcal/h up to 10,000,000 kcal/h
  • Boimass Boiler from 1 t/h up to 100 t/h

> Single fuel

  • Solid fuel : Palm shell , Firewood , Wood pellets etc.
  • Liquid fuel: Diesel, Fuel oil etc.
  • Gas fuel: LPG, NG, Biogas etc

> Multifuel

Economizers are basically heat exchangers. They transfer the heat content of the flue gases to another medium (boiler-feed or makeup water). They increase the overall efficiency of the system.

Depending upon the type of economizer you are using, you may see a 2-5% increase or a  10-15% (condensing boiler) increase in the efficiency of your system.

Every time hot flue gases pass through a set of tubes before making a turn, a “pass” is said to be made. In our three-pass design, the gases first pass through the flame tube –this is the first pass. After that, they pass through the smoke tubes –this is the second pass. And in the end, the gasses take a turn and pass through another set of smoke tubes –this is the third pass. This design ensures maximized heat transfer.

There are two primary fire tube boiler designs: “Wetback” and “Dryback.” Wetback design has water in the rear wall of the boiler, whereas the dryback design has refractory lining the rear wall.

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