Quick steam generator (Once through boiler)

Getabec model under EN 12953/ASME Standards

Easy to transport & install

Smart control

Frequently asked questions

It is a one pass water tube boiler due to which it can generate steam in 5-10 minutes. That is why it is called a Quick Steam Generator.

Yes, our Quick Steam Generator is highly efficient; it has a low rate of heat loss, have a low start- up/turn-off time, does not consume energy when idle and support economizer installation to maximize fuel efficiency.

With our Quick Steam Generator, you get individual smart control with touch screen monitoring. The smart control will allow you to monitor the generator remotely from anywhere, using the Internet. With it, you will get all the notifications and alerts regarding your Quick Steam Generator. This will help you to take the required action immediately as you will be notified without any delay through our system.

Using a Quick Steam Generator, you can:

  • Save money on repairs –steam generators are not subjected to major failures due to the absence of fuel and a large number of mechanical parts.

  • Save working cost –Quick Steam Generators do not consume energy when idle, and you can easily turn them on or off.

  • Save Installation cost –Quick Steam Generators are much smaller in size and much easier to install.

You can use Quick Steam Generators in applications, such as:

  • Humidification
  • Sterilization
  • Food processing
  • Parts Cleaning
  • In Pilot Plants
  •  In Labs, etc.

Reference project

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