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Electric boiler

Often used in factories, boilers or water heaters use with oil and gas fuels. This can affect the environment and its pollution because this is a fuel and combustion system. This led GETABEC to the idea and design of an electric boiler.

Electric boilers generate steam quickly and are easy to install, especially in areas with limited space and without the possibility of using fuel. The electrical boiler is clean because there is no fuel handling and combustion system. Especially suitable for a small amount of steam generation, but using electrical energy to generate steam.

What we offer?

Our packaged unit includes as standard a safety valve, a blow-off system, a sight glass set, a steam outlet valve, a boiler feed pump and the required level control. The control panel is located on the outside of the device to ensure easy access and prevent cables from overheating.

Range of capacity

Frequently asked questions

Yes, electric boilers do not have moving equipment to heat the fluids inside them, and that is why they are marginally quieter than the traditional boilers’ designs.

Fortunately, electric boilers do not require any annual upkeep or maintenance as they have very few mechanical parts. The only time you will need to take a look at them is in case something needs a repair. However, annual servicing is still advised.

Yes, electric boilers are extremely safe. Since they involve no fuel, there is no danger of leakages or spillage. The absence of fuel also eradicates the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning. And with the safety features present in GETABEC’s packaged unit, you do not have to worry about your safety at all.

A sight glass is a level sensor. Think of it as a transparent tube that will let you see inside and observe the liquid level.

An Electric Boiler! Electric boilers have a compact structure. Also, as they have no flue, so you don’t have to position it next to an outlet wall. Hence, electric boilers take up less space and give you more flexibility in placement.

Reference Projects

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