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Thermal oil heater

Thermal fluid heating is a type of indirect heating in which a liquid phase heat transfer medium is heated and circulated to one or more heat energy users within a closed-loop system.

The thermal oil heater has cylindrical coils through which the recirculation fluid passes. A gas or oil-fired burner fires into the centre of the coil system, heating the liquid. Typically the fluid temperature rises between 20 and 40 deg C between the heater inlet and outlet. The TOH heater has a special three-pass flue gas arrangement for high efficiency.

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GETABEC Thermal oil heater is the most effective and most efficient heat transfer equipment. The use of high-temperature thermal oil made on a mineral oil basis or synthetically as transfer media up an outlet temperature of 350 °C at 10 bar eliminates problems typical for water-steam operation. Our Thermal oil heater is designed as The Three Pass design with forced circulation. Its system operates excellently, safely, reliably and is guaranteed to last for many years.​

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Frequently asked questions

Forced circulation occurs when there is a pump inside the boiler system to push the fluid. It differs from natural circulation, which depends upon the current density to circulate fluid in the boiler.

Using a three-pass design, we ensure that our Thermal Oil Heater is energy efficient. During each pass, thermal energy is transferred to the circulation fluid, leading to maximum energy transfer.

Thermal oil heaters can be utilized in:

  • Chemical Industries

  • Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Oil and Gas industries

  • Industrial Laundries

  • For storage and transportation of items with low solidification

  • Food

  • Automotive and many more!

Thermal Oil Heaters come in two different designs:

  • Vertical, Three pass designed
  • Horizontal, Three pass designed

However, our three-pass design is the most energy-efficient and compact one you’ll find in the market.

Thermal Oil heaters require relatively less maintenance than traditional steam-based systems. You do not need to perform daily blowdown, retubing or regular water treatment. However, you are advised to perform regular checks to increase their lifetime.

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