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GETABEC is a long-time cooperated partner of SAACKE Burner, Bremen. We provide SAACKE spare parts and burner also services in Thailand.
SAACKE burners offer standardized machines for a wide range of fuels, from conventional to special. SAACKE burners with their typical large control range and minimum air excess are especially efficient and provide high availability.

We also supply varied of famous brands to meet customer standards and satisfaction

Spare parts & Instruments

GETABEC provide all instruments and spare parts which are necessary in boiler plant. For example Water level control, water level indicator, water flow meter, oil flow meter, valves, blowdown valve, gaskets, and ETC.

For the feedwater pump, we provide high-performance and high-efficiency instruments to produce a reliable system and generate stable steam with constant temperature and pressure. All quality equipment we provide sum up a highly efficient system. For more information, please get in touch with our sales.

Boiler Chemical Treatment

Getabec offers Efficient Boiler Chemical. Feed water needs to have specific properties before it enters the boiler. The chemicals in water, such as phosphates, within set limits will prevent the water from damaging the boiler, such as corrosion, scaling, or priming.​

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