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We provide a complete range of services, support and equipment delivery schedule worldwide. We supply spare parts, performance improvement, repair, on- site field services, maintenance and full operation. The perfect understanding of customers needs is our advantage.

" Tell us what you want, We will get in touch right away to solve your problems "

" Tell us what you want, We will get in touch right away to solve your problems "




Our service engineers are well trained with the latest technology because boilers are used in operation for a long period of time therefore typically, fatigue or damage may occur. Our customers have been demanding a high flexibility of designed solutions since the very beginning. Many changes may happen during this period influencing the effectiveness of the plant. You can rest assured that you will be supported by us with custom-built GETABEC solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Inspection work / Burner cleaning / Boiler Inspection / Inspection and Issue of Safety Certificate / Machine safety inspection etc.

we offer them for all boiler and burner brands.

Annual check is yearly inspection, safety function test and issue of safety certificate that is in term of steam boiler topic by “Department of industrial works”.

To ensure excellent level of emission according to or lower than the regulations of “Ministry of Industry” and improve the efficiency of the boiler.

Repair & Maintenance

Deliver Satisfactory Services to the Customers.

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24 hours call center Thailand

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Easy Installation & Low Cost

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