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Multi fuel biomass boiler

GETABEC is one of the famous Biomass Renewable Energy Solution Companies in Asia, Getabec strive for excellence and quality by controlling all aspects of the project and after sales in-house with their own internationally recognized manufacturing facilities, engineering expertise and service teams.

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Biomass small boiler
Biomass small boiler
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GETABEC unique design for solid fuels such as Wood Chips, Rice Husks, Wood Pallets, Corn cobs, Palm Waste, Briquettes, Cassavas, Wood waste, etc. Using waste generated on-site or supplied by producers, plants are heated, process heat provided and generate electricity. This can be done economically for the small or medium-sized company and the large company.​ Also, we will convert biomass and industrial waste to clean energy. One of our policies is to offer the customer the highest product quality.

GETABEC Technology and Service will ensure your solution will bring you long term fuel flexibility and satisafction.

Creativity at its Best

With a strong in-house engineering design department and in cooperation with Ekrohrkessel (ERK) from Germany, GETABEC can deliver the best high efficiency compact solutions for you.

Invention Drives the World

GETABEC continually strives with R&D on developing new renewable technologies, including advanced Industry 4.0 solutions. Both in-house and with their European partnerships.

Never Be Alone

Consultancy, Design, Engineering, Projects, EPC, Installation, Commissioning, Preventative Maintenance, Operations, Servicing and Breakdown Hotline. GETABEC is always there for you.

Tailor made solutions


1 MWth to 100 MWth , 0.5 to 100 tph, 5 - 100 barg

With a range of technologies, we provide customized solutions to suit many types of waste to industrial steam and hot water energy requirements. Our technological solutions can handle stable process flows, high fluctuation loads, buffer loads, unreliable biomass waste supply and automation to suit the local skill levels.


1 MWe to 20 MWe EPC Solutions

Our biomass waste to electricity technology gives you high reliability and low maintenance solutions that allow you to maximize your ROI. Cogeneration solutions gives extra flexibility to tap steam for other local processes. Combined with our EPC experience, we can provide a "One-stop, No headache solution".


1 MWth to 12 MWth

High efficiency thermal oil designs comes with a range of different technologies to suit most budgets. Our range of solutions cater to different requirements from highly autonomous systems, minimal stop times, low maintenance & operational costs, flexible biomass waste fuel to backup burners on biogas or oil & gas.


1 MWth to 50 MWth, 1 to 50 tph, 5 - 100 barg

With a solid understanding and significant experience in this very complex fuel, our approach to this market sector is to work with clients to create a complete working solution. Fuel separation, handling, burning, emission control, online cleaning and ash management requires careful planning and detailed engineering.


Flue gas treatment, a process designed to reduce the amount of pollutants emitted from the burning of biomass and fossil fuels at an industrial facility, a power plant, or combustion system. If left untreated, flue gas from power plants, industrial facilities, and other sources can substantially affect local and regional air quality. High efficiency flue gas treatment from GETABEC consisted of following: Multi Cyclone, Special Wet Scrubber, ESP and Bag Filter


In line with our philosophy of offering complete system packages, GETABEC provides fuel & ash receiving, preparation, and conveying equipment for delivery both to and from the storage bin. This equipment can be provided in an array of combinations which may consist of one or more of the following: Moving floor, Belt conveyors, Screw conveyors, Bucket elevators, Skip hoists and Fuel & Ash silo.

Our dynamic step grate

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The Getabec Dynamic Step Grate gives you precise control over every stage of your complete combustion process, Drying, Evaporation, Ignition, Combustion and Burn Out. Each stage is individual controlled to ensure the optimal process in that area, allowing for high efficiency and sound emissions. Each area is controlled independently to ensure the correct fuel/air ratio while controlling the proper rotation of fuel for even combustion. The Getabec Dynamic Step Grate is an advanced technology that delivers high efficiency, good reliability and fuel flexibility far beyond the capabilities of other technologies. You always remain flexible to burn the most cost-effective fuel from the region, giving you complete control over your budgets and suppliers.​

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely yes! While your plant may last for 25 years, your fuel sources will certainly not. The prices and availability of raw materials are impossible to predict. However, our Biomass Boilers are multi-fuel boilers that can help you adapt to the continuously changing fuel requirements. In this way, you can choose the raw materials that lie within budget!

Our production standards comply with ASME, DIN, EN, PED (CE mark) and BS.

Using our Biomass Boiler, not only can you obtain energy, but they will also help you dispose of your wood and other types of wastes.

A multi-biomass fuel boiler is one that uses biomass fuels (for example, rice husks, wood, wooden pellets, municipal waste, etc.) to operate.

Reference Projects

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