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Fire tube boiler for steam generation

The technical progress over the last 30 years has led to developing a type of boiler worldwide known as the ‘Three-Pass Boiler’. GETABEC produces these boilers for steam generation (saturated and superheated steam) in a 100% wet back, design for liquid and gaseous fuels for max capacity 35 tph.

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With superheated steam generation

In order to generate superheated steam, GETABEC three-pass boilers can be equipped with several different superheater systems.

For Lower temperature superheated steam ( superheating by 40 to 60 K ), the superheater is installed within the front reversing chamber. These superheaters also called “steam dryers”, are operated without temperature control. When starting up the boiler, this arrangement does not need any particular measures, such as cooling the superheater or any flue gas side bypasses, as the flue gas temperature in the front reversing chamber is significantly below the scaling temperature of the material used for the superheater tubes.

For Higher steam temperatures , the superheater is installed within the rear reversing chamber. As a result, higher steam temperatures are possible. These superheaters are delivered with various types of temperature control systems. Due to the high temperature in that area, specific safety measures, such as operating on the lowest burner load or cooling during start-up, must be taken before the boiler can be connected to the grid to protect the superheated tubes.


  • Single Flame Tube Design, Model HDO
    Performance of up to 28 t/h 
  • Double Flame Tube Design, Model HDO-D
    Performance range up to 50 t/h 

Frequently asked questions

There are two primary fire tube boiler designs: “Wetback” and “Dryback.” Wetback design has water around the rear reversal chamber, whereas the dryback design has refractory lining the rear end plate.

We have ASME certificate for produce boiler & pressure vessel.

Water heated to the boiling point vaporizes into steam known as the “Saturated” steam. When this water is further heated above the boiling point without any change in pressure, dry steam known as “superheated” steam is generated.

Every time hot flue gases pass through a set of smoke tubes or furnace tubes before making a turn, a “pass” is said to be made. In our three-pass design, the gases first pass through the furnace tube –this is the first pass. After that, they pass through the smoke tubes –this is the second pass. And in the end, the gasses take a turn and pass through another set of smoke tubes –this is the third pass. This design ensures maximized heat transfer.

A wetback fire tube boiler design:

  • Quick response  to load changes

  • Requires less maintenance due to the absence of refractory

Reference Projects

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