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Waste heat boiler (HRSG)

Many industrial processes generate large amounts of waste energy that pass out of plant stacks and into the atmosphere or are otherwise lost. Most industrial waste heat streams are liquid, gaseous, or a combination of the two and have temperatures from slightly above ambient to over 1000°C. At stack gas temperature greater than 500°C, the heat going up the stack is likely to be the single most significant loss in the process. Above 900°C stack losses will consume at least half of the total fuel input to the process.

Yet, the energy recovered from waste heat streams could displace part or all of the energy input needed for a unit operation within a plant. Therefore, waste heat recovery offers an excellent opportunity to use this energy, reducing overall plant energy, consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

What we offer?

To use energy economically, GETABEC manufactures waste heat recovery boilers for industrial processes in which waste gas arises at a very high temperature. This happens, for instance, with gas and diesel engines or turbines. Waste Heat Recovery Boilers installed downstream of turbines or engines will utilize the waste gas heat (co-generation of heat and power). Depending on the desired use for the waste heat, the boilers are available as steam or hot water generators


Frequently asked questions

After the steam has been generated from the heat of combustion of the fuel, flue gases created from the process go through the HRSG before exiting the system. The HRSG has the flue gas inlet from one side and the water inlet from the opposite. There are different zones, each having multiple passes for the water, and due to the heat exchange from the hot waste gases to the water, you get super-heated or saturated  steam at the end.

Because flus gas generated from Gas engine or Gas turbine is higher than saturated steam.

The stack gases can reach temperatures over 1000°C, and they will all go to waste if not used properly. With HRSG, the heat in those flue gases will be used again to generate more steam, which will save additional fuel costs, reduce overall energy consumption and increase the overall efficiency of the whole system.

Greenhouse gases raise average temperature of our planet, we are trying to take care of this environmental issue. HRSG get the heat from gas engine or gas turbine reduce fuel consumption in factory which also reduce CO2 emission and the greenhouse effect.

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