Our main focus for our common future is;

  • Decarbonization
  • Use of future fuels and renewable fuels
  • Energy efficiency
  • Emission reduction
  • IOT solutions
  • Boiler modernization
  • Rental boiler


Decarbonization refers to the conversion of an economy, especially the energy industry, towards lower CO2 emissions. With decarbonization, measures and processes that release carbon dioxide (CO2) are replaced by processes that prevent or compensate for these releases. Decarbonization is therefore a central means of climate protection and one of the pillars of the energy transition. The goal is the CO2 neutrality of the economy and we will help you, talk to us.

Use of future fuels and renewable fuel

Future fuels

  • Hydrogen
  • Biogas
  • Biodiesel
  • Ethanol


Renewable fuel

  • Biogas

Energy efficiency

Optimization of boiler systems

Analyze the system losses

Key figures for optimizing the operation of boiler systems

  • Different types and operating profiles of heat generators
  • Key figures for individual company sizes
  • Combustion efficiency, boiler efficiency, fuel efficiency
  • Conventional energy saving options for boiler systems
  • Energy-saving options for boiler systems by optimizing the regulation 

Get in touch with us and request our checklist to optimize your system.

IOT solutions

Sensors connect devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) are changing our ability to gain insights into the inner workings of industrial machines in production. Nowadays the machines in the factories are often equipped with a large number of sensors that continuously collect data from a large number of measurements. The recorded data can be used to improve monitoring and maintenance, as well as to optimize various aspects of these machines.

The steam system contains hundreds of sensors that collect a variety of different readings from all components of the system such as the feed water tank, condensate tank, pumps, boilers, burners and the exhaust system. Examples of measured data points are the amount of steam consumed, temperatures, pressures, burner loads, pump speed, exhaust gas temperatures and much more.


For example, analyzing the relationship between gas consumption and steam production shows that there is a linear relationship between the two, suggesting that the steam boiler is generally operating efficiently. However, outliers can be found that could indicate problems with the burner. The detection of outliers, such as can be found in sensor monitoring, can be used to implement preventive maintenance solutions and fix potential problems before they occur, which increases plant efficiency.

Deviations between the steam production and the boiler pressure can also be easily determined. The analysis shows in certain cases where the boiler pressure is high but little or no steam is generated and (these cases correspond to times when the burner was repeatedly switched off and on again) the boiler pressure goes to zero.

By analyzing the sensor data from industrial steam plants, one can; With the help of advanced data analysis and modeling tools, patterns can be automatically recognized and monitored, which, among other things, indicate potential inefficiencies in the steam system or impending problems that are being avoided (preventive maintenance). According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), a typical industrial plant with steam boilers has potential savings in energy consumption and costs between 10 and 15 percent per year. Talk to us, we will analyze and you will take the first step towards optimizing your steam system.

Boiler modernization

Optimize your steam boiler system to make it more efficient.

Modernization, for example;

  • Raising the feed water temperature
  • Installation of plate heat exchanger, increase of the feed temperature of the raw water
  • Installation of TDS system (Total Dissolved Solids)
  • Installation of automatic blowdown
  • Installation of exhaust gas heat exchanger
  • Installation of combustion management system

Rental boiler

If your steam supply fails, for trial operation or for long-term rental, rental boilers are the perfect solution for your steam supply. Getabec rental systems for steam supply bridge repair and maintenance work as well as production times, manage seasonal production peaks or expand existing systems. Our mobile steam boiler systems for rent are precisely tailored to your needs and the installation situation on site. We usually provide rental boilers in containers for steam generation. Just talk to us and together we will find the optimal solution for you.

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