GTB welcomed students from global project-based learning (gPBL)

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Getabec Public Company Limited welcomed students from The global project-based learning (gPBL) program among SIT-PIM-KMUTT. The collaboration is between SIT (SHIBAURA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY), PIM (PANYAPIWAT INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT), and KMUTT (King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi), amounting to 50 people at GTB Bangplee factory in order to exchange knowledge between SIT-PIM-KMUTT. The project is a collaboration of technology and development processes to create sustainable thinking and also the program aim to publicize the Faculty of Engineering and Technology to be well known as a technological education institution.

GETABEC is one of the famous and leading Boiler and Pressure Vessel manufacturer in Asia, founded in 1983

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